Whole Grain System®

The Whole Grain System® integrates a 2200 Series Drive-Over to quickly unload your trucks with a 2200 Series Tube Conveyor. This high capacity system is perfect for piling or loading your bins quickly and efficiently.

The 2200 Series Drive-Over Conveyors gets your grain trucks back to the field quicker and saves time with easy positioning and optional hydraulic controls to raise and lower the hopper, for better material containment.

Whole Grain System
drive-over walk over

For safety and convenience an optional walk over platform with controls is available.

Engineered for gentle handling of seed and grain, the standard Tube Conveyor features a collapsible hopper, perfect for loading and transferring commodities into bins, trucks, and trailers.

ModelCapacityTube SizeBelt
2200 Series Drive OverUp to 10,000 BPH14"22” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
2200 Series S-Drive ConveyorUp to 10,000 BPH14"22” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
ModelDrive OptionsOptional Accessories
2200 Series Drive OverElectric
Walk-Over Platform
Hydraulic Wing Package
2200 Series S-Drive ConveyorPTO
Bottom Guards