Short Field Loaders®

A Field Loader Conveyor best suits your needs when you need a longer reach to load your trucks or grain carts quickly while reducing mechanical damage to your product. The Short Field Loader® features a low clearance tail, that fits more easily into tight spaces. These units are shorter than our standard Field Loaders and used for unloading in compact or inflexible areas.

(Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction)

short field loader
ModelCapacityTube SizeBelt
1500 Short Field Loader®Up to 7,500 BPH10"15” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
1800 Short BinBuster®Up to 9,000 BPH12"18” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
2200 Short Field Loader®Up to 11,000 BPH14"22” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt