Tube Conveyors & Grain Belt Conveyors

Engineered for gentle handling of seed and grain, the standard Tube Conveyor features a collapsible hopper, perfect for loading and transferring commodities into bins, trucks, and trailers.

(Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction)

tube conveyor

A scissor lift is featured on models 1500 Series S-Drive 65’ on up and 2200 Series S-Drive 55’ on up.

swing conveyor

Swing conveyor option with inline
PTO available for 1500 Series S-Drive Tube Conveyor models.

ModelCapacityTube SizeBelt
1500 Series Top DriveUp to 6,000 BPH10"15” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
1500 Series S-DriveUp to 6,000 BPH10"15” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
2200 Series S-DriveUp to 10,000 BPH14"22” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt