Tube Conveyors / Grain Belt Conveyors

Engineered for gentle handling of seed and grain, the standard Tube Conveyor features a collapsible hopper, perfect for loading and transferring commodities into bins, trucks, and trailers.

(Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction)

tube conveyor

A scissor lift is featured on models 1500 Series S-Drive 65’ on up and 2200 Series S-Drive 55’ on up.

swing conveyor

Swing conveyor option with inline
PTO available for 1500 Series S-Drive Tube Conveyor models.

Compare Tube Conveyor Models
ModelCapacityTube SizeBelt
1500 Series Top DriveUp to 6,000 BPH10"15” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
1500 Series S-DriveUp to 6,000 BPH10"15” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
2200 Series S-DriveUp to 10,000 BPH14"22” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
Options and Accessories
ModelAvailable LengthsDrive OptionsOptional Accessories
1500 Series Top Drive25’, 30’, 35’, 40’, 45’, and 50'Electric Top Drive
Hydraulic Top Drive
Dual Top Drive
Gas Direct Drive
Manual Wheel Kit
Bottom Guards
Uni-Flex 1500 - 3 Bucket Spouting Assembly
Uni-Flex 1500 - 5 Bucket Spouting Assembly
Self-Propel Kit (only available on the 37' and 47')
1500 Series S-Drive65’, 75’, 85’, 90’, 105' and 110'PTO
Bottom Guards
2200 Series S-Drive35’, 45’, 55’, 65’, 75’, 85’, 95’, 110' & 120'PTO
Bottom Guards