Self-Propelled Field Loaders

Portable belt conveyor with a gas or diesel drive self-propelled kit. The Self-Propelled Kit features a self-contained hydraulic self-propel package that allows control of all field loader functions, including steering to easily maneuver and drive your Field Loader across the ground. It also allows hydraulic running of the belt and raising and lowering to the appropriate filling height, all from the same valve as the steering and propel functions.

(Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction)

self propelled tube conveyors
self propel tube conveyor
ModelCapacityTube SizeBelt
1500 Self-Propelled KitUp to 7,500 BPH10"15” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
1800 BinBuster® Self-Propelled KitUp to 9,000 BPH12"18” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt
2200 Self-Propelled KitUp to 11,000 BPH14"22” Wide 2-Ply Chevron Belt