“The development of our equipment is the culmination of customer feedback and industry research into the request for a better solution to handle specific needs.”

Our Company

Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Universal Industries, Inc.® is the leading manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment. Currently, our equipment serves a wide range of markets and industries including, but not limited to: Corn, Seed, Beans, Pulse Crops, Grain, and Fertilizer.

Since 1906, we’ve been producing high quality products and standing firmly behind them. We manufacture bulk material handling equipment in our nearly 100,000 sq. ft. production facility. We design and manufacture bucket elevators, belt conveyors, and continuous cup elevators that are suitable for a wide variety of industries and materials.

Our modern manufacturing processes that we continue to improve upon have allowed us to remain competitive with our lead times and our pricing. Between purchasing new, modern manufacturing equipment, and increasing our staff in both production and engineering, we’re more than ready to take on any project worldwide.

tube conveyor

Our Uni Tube® Tube Conveyors are without equal when it comes to quality and durability. Made in the USA, our conveyors provide long-lasting performance while offering gentle handling for many materials that are susceptible to impact damage.

field loader binbuster

Our Field Loaders and Short Field Loaders® are ideal when a low clearance is required while still reducing mechanical damage to your product. We offer several different options and drive packages to customize your needs.

drive-over converyor

To get your grain trucks back to the field quicker we offer Drive-Over Conveyors. Our Drive-Overs save you time with easy positioning and optional hydraulic controls to raise and lower the hopper for better containment of product.