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Tube Conveyors / Grain Belt Conveyors

Engineered for gentle handling of seed and grain, the standard Tube Conveyor features a collapsible hopper, perfect for loading and transferring commodities into bins and trucks.

Field Loader / Seed & Grain Conveyor

A Field Loader / Seed & Grain conveyor best suits your needs when you need a longer reach with low clearance, such as unloading hopper bottom trucks or bins.

Short Field Loader®

The Short Field Loader® features a low clearance tail, that fits more easily into tight spaces. These units are shorter than our standard Field Loaders and used for unloading in compact areas.

Self-Propelled Field Loaders

The optional Self-Propelled Kit features a self-contained hydraulic self-propel package that allows control of all field loader functions, including steering/navigation, to easily maneuver and drive your Field Loader.

Mobile Rail Car Unloader

The mobile rail car unloader tube conveyor is used to unload train rail cars. This is accomplish by having a low tail clearance of only 4.5”, all while reducing mechanical damage to your product. A Self-Propelled package is included.

Drive-Over Conveyors

Get your grain trucks back to the field quicker with our Drive-Over Conveyors. Our Drive-Overs save time with easy positioning and optional hydraulic controls to raise and lower the hopper, for better material containment.

Whole Grain System®

Looking to unload and pile your grain quickly? The Whole Grain System® integrates a 2200 Series Drive Over to quickly unload your trucks with a Standard Tube Conveyor. Perfect for piling or loading your bins quickly and efficiently.

Transfer Conveyor

Our Low Profile Transfer Conveyor and Uni Filler are perfect for fitting into tight spaces with easy maneuverability, and offer quick and efficient unloading. (Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction).

Custom Conveyors

Custom built Tube Conveyors for a wide array of applications and requirements. Designed to accommodate bulk material handling and gentle, efficient transfer of grain and seed. (Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction)


The UniRake® is a dirt rake that features replaceable teeth with two choices in length and comes with an optional blade which is operated by a hydraulic lift with flow control. This heavy-duty unit can handle many different types of material and can be used in multiple applications.


Innovative and rugged designs allow for
gentile handing of delicate crops and long-lasting performance.


The new equipment warranty registration form should be filled out with both the Dealer and Customer in attendance.

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